Founded in 1980, Clemson Kennel Club is the AKC-licensed all-breed club for Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens Counties in South Carolina.  Once a year we host a full AKC all-breed conformation show and obedience trial, and we participate in other events benefiting the community throughout the year.

We offer this web site as a resource to both the experienced dog exhibitor in search of information about our club and our shows/obedience trials, as well as to the new dog person interested in finding a purebred dog or information about specific breeds.

The Clemson Kennel Club are individuals from all walks of life who have a common interest in purebred dogs. The club has members who are active in conformation showing (the dog most closely representing the written standard for the breed) as well as obedience competition (the dog that can most correctly perform a prescribed set of exercises with varying degrees of difficulty). Some of our members are active in both areas.

Experienced dog people will be especially interested in the information about our annual shows and obedience trials. Information is also available about special deals on hotels as well as the location of various informative web sites.

People new to dogs can check our breeder referral page that offers a contact person to help with a specific breed. We also provide links to the AKC web site for each particular breed to help you find the dog you are looking for. There is also a page for frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will help you understand more about dogs and the hobby of purebred dogs.


The club was founded in 1980. Some of the founding members were: Roger Brown, Suzanne Culbertson, Mike and Carla Garrison, and Diane Bitzer. The group began meeting in a movie theater in Seneca, moved around meeting in several area banks, and worked selling concessions at Clemson games to earn the money necessary to start the process to gain the privilege of hosting AKC sanctioned matches and finally AKC sanctioned all-breed shows and obedience trials.