Become a Clemson Kennel Club Member:
The Clemson Kennel Club meets at 7:00pm on the second Wednesday of every month at the public library in Central, SC. We encourage all dog lovers to attend our meetings. Membership is open to anyone in good standing with the American Kennel Club. Dog ownership is not required.

We suggest prospective members attend a few meetings and get to know what the club is about before they determine if they really have an interest in joining the club. We are always seeking members who love dogs and are interested in working for the club. We have plenty of areas open for you to become involved in the exciting world of purebred dogs.

Our application requires that two Clemson Kennel Club members recommend and sponsor new applicants. One of the sponsors must also do a home visit before we vote on the new member.  This isn’t a white-glove inspection; it’s just to make sure you’re legit. 😉

If you are interested, please complete the application for membership and give it to the Secretary. A notice of application will be printed in the next newsletter and the application will be read at the next meeting after the application has been filed. Then, the application will be voted upon at the first meeting where there is a quorum of members present.

If an applicant is rejected, they must wait six months before reapplying.