Club Info


Club Officers
President:   Brian Jones
Vice-President:   Lee Bryson
Secretary:   Tim Conover
Treasurer:   Lois Delaney

Board Members:
   Jenny Durrance
   Della Gardner
   Barbara Goff

Show Chair:   Gene Hinson
Obed. Trial Chair:   Grace Lichtenwald
Match Chair:   Beth Crocker
Education Chair:   Jane Fink
Breed Referral:   Nancy Reid
Hospitality Chair:   Barbara Goff
Club Historian:   Christine Smith
Facebook Page:   Beth Crocker
Web Site:   Tim Conover

Old Web Site:


Clemson Kennel Club

Clemson Kennel Club founding member Suzanne Culbertson created our Coat of Arms as our original symbol.  It was designed to stand out among the mostly badge-style logos of other kennel clubs, and to convey an impression of antiquity. This has served us well over the years, becoming recognized on the dog show circuit.

The Clemson Kennel Club Coat of Arms is a shield of OR (gold*) with an Ermine Chevron (ermine pattern made of dot-paw designs). An Azure (blue*) dog Couchant (lying down) is the center base (representing Obedience) and seven rosettes Chief are across the top (representing the seven Conformation groups). The shield is supported by two dogs Rampant (standing on rear legs). The helmet is surmounted by a Crown, bearing the “CKC” legend on the crest and flanked by mantling Gules (red). The Motto on the scroll Gules (red*), reads “Les Chiens: Toujours Loyaux” (Dogs: always loyal).
*gold, crown, ermine and supporters symbolize royalty: blue symbolizes loyalty: and red symbolizes courage.